Fully Automated Systems

Full control of the world around you from the touch of a button. Our panels and setup gives you the power to control your home from your phone or one of our configured panels.






End to End Home And Business Solutions



Build or design your ideal home from the beginning. We collaborate with and offer our services to private homeowners, interior designers, architects, developers and commercial groups. With our knowhow, Control6 Smart Homes can change your lifestyle to a technological experience.



No system gets handed over to a client until it is thoroughly tested and re-tested to ensure that all agreed functionalities of the system and the user interface work as it is expected to. This is Our Core



We realize that there might or can be questions and needs outside design and installation of any system as robust as ours; that in mind we work closely with everyone to ensure that your project has the best collaborative effort on site and offsite. It all starts and ends with people.


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Speaker Craft